‘Snippets’ from the latest Blue Diamond


MARCH 2018 Blue Diamond


What is a Collectables – Trivia Night I hear you ask. This is where you throw out the challenge to all the club members to work out, “what the ….. is that thing!” “What is it for? “ “ How does it work?” Bring your stuff; weird and wonderfully, odd and ugly, old and quirky. Items can be of any nature, your secret collectables, even car related. Come along and put your skills to the test. There could even be a prize or two for the most challenging items and the person with the best knowledge of these challenging items. 


SEPTEMBER 2017 Blue Diamond


Well it’s finally springtime and after the miserable weather at August’s Tour de Kestrel, we were blessed with a pleasant sunny day for the Rob Roy hill climb.

Veteran cars were featured this year and the 1914 Grand Prix Delage was the star, although I didn’t hear it running. Other highlights were the 1918 Vauxhall showing plenty of battle scars and with a huge booming exhaust and also a gorgeous ’36 SS Jaguar with long tail body  ……..  The aim of our September trip to Camperdown area and Hanging Rock in October, is to make it possible for our country members from the west and north to join us. After all, our club is for all Victorians. ….. 


 MARCH 2017 Blue Diamond


……………….  Plans for our National Rally are all in place and it has kept Geoff and I very busy of late. We have put in an order for good weather- fingers crossed.

Now to the rally title “Rileys AT the Island”, I should explain it to the English teachers out there! To my motorcycling friends and fans of historic car rac- ing, Phillip Island has always been referred to as “The Island”, as in “will you be at The Island?”- meaning the race track. To all of these people the only reason you’d go down to Phillip Island is to the MotoGP or Historics.

Somehow naming the rally “Rileys ON The Island” just didn’t sound right – to me anyhow. If it really annoys you, feel free to “correct” it!

See you at “The Island”. Marg.

JULY 2016 Blue Diamond


Presentation by Lachlan Thompson

“Space Technologies to Keep our Riley on the Road Today.”

CV. Former class mate of our club president Doug (lets not hold that against him) Lachlan has an eclectic range of interests ranging from designing and building the gold medal winning Carbon fibre bicycles for the Australian Olympic Team, to lead scientist for an experiment on the Space Shuttle of how spiders make their webs in micro gravity. An ordained Deacon, aersopace engineer and expert on 3D metal printing his interest has few bounds. His interest is tempered by managing a B&B, “Fernglade on Menzies” in Emerald and his building of an astronomy research facility on the site to detect near earth objects that may threaten the existence of our planet. Lachlan a Riley club member shares the ownership of a 1931 Riley Special “Tuppence” with his wife Annie.

June 2016 Blue Diamond


Maintenance, Restoration, Renovation, Originality.
We will review what is available in the Club resources, local and International links to keep our Rileys on the road. At the end there will be a questions and answers session to help solve problems that are raised. Come prepared with your questions and solutions to challenges you have experienced with your Riley. We have not had a technical evening for some time so we should be in for an interesting night.


May 2016 Blue Diamond

Club Permit Scheme …...

Applications for the new Club Permit must be supported by:

  • A current road worthy certificate.
  • A document of proof of ownership or management of the vehicle.
  • Five photographs: front, driver’s side, rear, driving position, (side-on with driver’s door open) and identifiers such as chassis number and engine number.
  • Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration Form.

Applications will not be accepted for “Modified” or “Hot Rod” Permits for vehicles other than Rileys.

Applications for “Modified ” Permits only for Rileys must be considered for acceptance  at a Committee meeting.

A Club Permit application may be accepted from a member for a vehicle other than a Riley provided that:

  • The member has been a current member for a minimum of five years ; or The member is an owner of a Riley.

April 2016 Blue Diamond

EDITORIAL Keith Morrison

It was not long ago I was lamenting the disappearance of February and now Kalorama has been and gone. What a roaring success it was, I counted all up 38 Rileys with most in the Club display area which had to expand to 3 rows and still we didn’t fit them all in.

The organization of the club display on the day was a great team effort, it was pleasing to see so many club members lending a hand. I guess it is because we have such a great club that we were able to be awarded the Club display Trophy.

……. and for Facebook followers  https://www.facebook.com/KaloramaRally/


March 2016 Blue Diamond


Now that we’re into Autumn there are plenty of opportunities to get out in your Riley without worrying about the weather being too hot. This month there’s Phillip Island Historic Races, Tyabb Air Show on the 13th(We did try to get some space in the car display area, but this was not possible), then hopefully a big display of Rileys at Kalorama on the 20th.

In April the RACV/AOMC Classic Showcase (Back at Flemington this year) is on the 10th, Gunbower on Anzac weekend and then we’ll be off to the lovely NSW Riviera for the Merimbula Rally in May.
Hope to see you out there.

February 2016 Blue Diamond

A Tribute to David Bowie

“I’m the bravest driver, sit by my side I’ll drive you so wild if you sit by my side”
—Rupert the Riley, 1970.
 Recognised him? It’s music legend David Bowie, who passed away last month. He’s seen here with his Riley Gamecock in the early 1970s. A tired saloon-turned-Special, which he’d built together with a friend. In an interview in 2003 he spoke of the Riley: “Not very well as it happens. It stalled outside Lewisham police station one day. I had really long hair in those days so I was standing round the front of the car, trying to pump it back into life again and all the cops were at the windows laughing at me and the bloody thing started up and I’d left it in first gear and it came at me. The crankshaft went through my leg and I was pumping blood like a fountain and I broke both my, well I cracked both my knees as the bumper had kind of got me pinned to another car that was just behind it. Sold it as soon as I got out of Lewisham Hospital.”